Tips And Tricks

Top tips to take better pictures of people
Five sure fire pointers to improve your portrait and street photography
5 Landscape Photography Tips
Follow our simple rules to take better photos of landscapes and nature with your smartphone.
Essential gear for smartphone photography
Simple accessories that can give your smartphone photography an extra boost
Five tips for Better Compositions
Follow these simple rules to get better photos every time whatever your setting or subject matter.
How to take better food photos
Check out our quick video packed with top tips for taking better food snaps
10 sensational shooting tips from the pros
Photography gurus Kelvin Koh and Wesley Loh share their tips for seriously smart snaps (that could make them notice yours)
DIY Kit for Better Photos
We show you how various everyday objects found around the home can take your photography to the next level.
Travel Light, Capture More
How a smartphone, some accessories and a few handy tips can take your travel photos to the next level.
Mouth-watering tips for food photography
With a smartphone, you can also capture the essence of the food and make everyone stare with envy
How to shoot the perfect Instagram OOTD
Win hearts and followers with these top tips for taking outfit of the day shots
6 of the best photo editing apps
From high-end image editors to quick-fix filters, here’s our selection of apps to make your photos picture perfect
5 street smart smartphone photo tips
Simple steps to emulate the street photography greats
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