About Smartphone Photography Awards 2016

That Instagram-worthy selfie. Mouth-watering food photos. Sharing your unforgettable trip abroad with a digital picture.

Today, you can do all that with a smartphone. Armed with powerful imaging sensors and a whole slew of features, these mobile devices turn your images into masterpieces.

While the tools of the trade are important, you’ll still need a keen eye to be a bona fide photographer and nail that perfect shot.

We’re giving you the chance to do just that. From today until 11:59pm on Sunday 12th June 2016, take a photo, anywhere in Singapore, with your smartphone and submit it to one of the following categories:

  • People
  • Nature
  • Food
  • Travel
  • Places

Read up on our guides to taking better photos with your smartphone. Do all that, then upload your best shot or shots in any of the categories.

Winning doesn’t just give you an accolade for bragging rights. For we have something right up your alley - prizes. Did you say…. prizes? 

Yes, lots and lots of amazing prizes, like a brand new Oppo R9, a new gaming laptop from Razer, a staycations at the W Hotel Sentosa and much more. 

A new Oppo R9?

Why, yes. And we’ve got a whole bunch of them for the best photographers in town. There will be multiple winners in the Smartphone Photography Awards, one crowned from each category.

But there can be only one winner who’ll walk away with the grand prize!

Voting has its privileges too. Because if you’re feeling lucky, you stand a chance to win similar prizes too.

That’s it? All good?
Yup. So check out our Stuff SmartPhone Photography Awards page for the latest updates to the contest, guides to taking better smartphone photos and remember to spread the word.

Ready? Now, fire up that camera on your smartphone, submit your entry below and become the photographer you’re destined to be.


Lennard Yeong

Lennard combines his love for food and photography on his Instagram page @Lennardy. Despite never receiving any formal training in either field, his keen interest has led to him competing on the first season of Masterchef Asia. His photography has also been featured by the Singapore Tourism Board. He has an eye for what makes a photo work on social media (just look at the number of likes and followers he has), and believes that all amateur photographers are truly capable of producing beautiful photos.

Kelvin Koh

Kelvin is a keen explorer of people and the relationships they share, which he hopes to portray through his snaps. Photography has given him a fuller life that he never thought possible, thanks to the insightful experiences he has had while shooting. Besides photography, he also cannot live without his family and Diet Coke. He has a beautiful wife and five children. You can check his work out on Instagram @lightedpixelsphotography.

Julian Cheong

Julian has loved making pictures since he first got into photography about six years ago. That hobby has grown quickly into a passion and also a big part of his everyday life. He likes to travel and explore, and is always looking forward to new adventures. While the type of photos he takes might change from time to time, he is most comfortable with landscape, nature in particular, and street photography which you can explore @julian_cheong.

C.S. Ling

C.S. Ling is an international award-winning wildlife photographer based in Singapore. Her compelling images of vanishing landscape & endangered wildlife coupled with her dedication to educate the younger generation has earned her much recognition. Her works are published worldwide notably in National Geographic Explorer magazine & SilkWinds magazine. When she is not exploring the wilderness with her camera, she is usually at her studio photographing pets of all kinds, from dogs to guinea pigs.

Jeff Chouw

Former marine biologist Jeff first got into photography during the 2006 government elections and has now turned it into a full time career. Working as a photographer for the Marina Bay Sands group, he’s had to photograph everyone from famous chefs like Gordon Ramsay to perhaps the world’s most famous portrait photographer Annie Leibovitz – a very nerve wracking experience he admits. His love of food has led him to specialise in this area, as much for the challenge of coming up with novel ideas to represent his clients dishes as it is the chance to devour them at the end of the shoot.

Leslie Heng

It was Instagram that sparked his interest in photography, and until very recently, all his pictures had been taken with the mobile phone. One thing led to another, and now he finds himself going places to take pictures, and taking pictures wherever he goes. He draws a lot of inspiration from the community and enjoys telling visual stories through the use of interesting architectural backdrops. Follow him @blackmobil.
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